We believe that the most beautiful and valuable products are the ones created by you. We all cherish and appreciate handcrafted products. So, we help you. Make your own!

Nowadays it is so easy to buy stuff, use it and throw it away without really knowing how it has been made or where it is coming from. We believe this rapid cycle of consuming is regrettable. We are two young and creative guys with a passion for handmade products and we believe in making your own creation.

We are convinced that the ordinary things we use in our daily life are more easy to make by your own than you thought. By making your own daily stuff you really get to know the origin of the products and its value. In this way you will get to experience the satisfaction of handmade products.

Besides the passion for handcrafted products we also share a common love for sustainability. We try to make all our products sustainable and recycling is an important value for us, just to contribute to a more sustainable world. For example; we only use recycled materials for our packaging.

We started this journey with a MakeYourOwn Candle package but this will definitely not be the end of the MakeYourOwn journey. Be prepared for more MakeYourOwn packages and get your hands dirty!